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Guide to WRR Anaerobic Digester Process

While there are many moving pieces of Wasatch Resource Recovery, it is a relatively straightforward system that allows natural processes to happen more efficiently. In addition to reducing landfill use and capturing harmful greenhouse gasses and utilizing it to warm our homes. Read on for a step-by-step guide to how the Anaerobic Digester at Wasatch […]

What Does Anaerobic Digestion Really Mean?

Anaerobic Digestion is a miraculous process that occurs within all humans and animals. Anaerobic is a word used to describe an environment without oxygen, and digestion is a process in which organic material is broken down into simpler organic products. The giant tanks at WRR’s project site are sealed to prevent any seepage of oxygen […]

Time-Lapse Demonstrates Growth in the Last Year

The time-lapse above demonstrates just how much has taken place on Wasatch Resource Recovery’s project site in the last 12 months. This rapid progress has us excited for the fully operational facility that is mere months away. You can help us complete the picture by sending your food waste to our shiny new digesters.  

Strategic Partner Alder Construction Recognized by WCF

Wasatch Resource Recovery has a lot of moving parts, partnering organizations, and employees that have delivered the project at its current stage in development. Alder Construction is one of WRR’s main driving forces: building the complex facilities required to implement anaerobic digestion technology on such a large scale. To ensure the success of the project, […]

Pioneer Day – Remembering Utah’s History

On July 24th, 1847 Utah pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley and famously stated “This is the place.” In an era of hardship and scarcity, these pioneers engrained aspects of sustainability into their culture out of necessity. Brigham Young, a leader of the first Mormon settlers to arrive in Salt Lake once said “Learn […]

Photosynthesis: Growing Algae, and the State Too

Wasatch Resource Recovery is a facility operated under public-private partnership between ALPRO Energy & Water and the South Davis Sewer District. The WRR facility will produce nitrogen and phosphorus as a byproduct of anaerobic digestion. These nutrients will then be discharged to the South Davis wastewater treatment plant where the district has started a project […]

4th of July Sets Stage for Reflection on Sustainability in America

As the United States celebrates its 242nd birthday, it boasts a 132-fold increase in population since its start, a number quickly approaching 330 million people. With a larger population comes stimulation in the economy, a greater workforce, and additional individuals available to problem solve and innovate. Alternatively, this growth equates to depletion of viable resources, […]

Waste360 Recognizes WRR’s Morgan Bowerman for Excellent Work in Waste

As sustainability grows and large scale environmental projects become increasingly more common, it is imperative that motivated professionals drive the success of such innovations. At Wasatch Resource Recovery we are proud to host a talented group of engineers, builders, sustainability professionals, scientists, project managers, and more. Managing a $43 million project is no simple task, […]

WRR Featured at 2018 Governor’s Energy Summit

“Utah’s wired for success, thanks to breakthrough energy technologies and partnership designed to transform our future.” Utah’s current governor Gary Herbert chimes in the video produced for the 2018 Governor’s Energy Summit. As Utah’s population, economy, and dependence on resources grow, alternative energy is becoming a hot topic that has begun to peak the interest […]

A Closer Look at our Anaerobic Digesters

Wasatch Resource Recovery’s sister tanks fall nothing short of impressive. Each anaerobic digester is built to hold 2.5 million gallons of food waste, with the combined capacity to accept 1000 tons of food waste per day. Once operational, the digesters will produce enough biogas to power 40,000 homes – a town equivalent to the size […]