Case Study – Misfits Market: a comprehensive approach to food waste

When the Misfits Market founders learned that 30-40% of food in the United States is wasted and ends up in our landfills, they decided there had to be a better solution – Misfits Market was born! Misfits sources produce from farms and grocery stores that is considered “ugly” (meaning it is misshapen, too large, too small, has superficial marks, etc.), as well as products that are short-dated, or have out-of-date packaging. They combine it all in a box that is delivered right to your door! This reduces the amount of waste that gets sent to the landfill, and minimizes trips to the grocery store, saving families time and money. 

Already fulfilling a great mission, Misfits has taken their waste reduction even further by partnering with us at Wasatch Resource Recovery (WRR). In December 2020 Misfits Market started diverting their food waste to WRR with the help of Momentum Recycling. So far they have diverted 273,780 pounds of food waste from the landfill. That is the equivalent of 791,580 ft3 of natural gas, or 4,712 homes heated for a day (13 homes heated for an entire year) – amazing! 

Employees at Misfits have been supportive of the waste diversion program and, as Rich Conen (Senior Operations Manager at Misfits Market Salt Lake City) says,

“I think they appreciate the fact that we are trying to do the right thing corporately”.

In addition to working towards their sustainability goals, Misfits has found that diverting waste to WRR is cheaper than sending it to the landfill, an added bonus!

Distribution centers face many challenges when it comes to implementing a food waste diversion program, but Misfits is an example of just how successful it can be. When asked to give advice to other groups trying to improve their waste practices, Conen said, “it’s actually pretty easy, just explain to your associates why you are doing it and they will get on board with it”. Misfits also uses sustainable packaging and bales all of their recyclables, true waste warriors!


Check out their website to learn more.