4th of July Sets Stage for Reflection on Sustainability in America

As the United States celebrates its 242nd birthday, it boasts a 132-fold increase in population since its start, a number quickly approaching 330 million people. With a larger population comes stimulation in the economy, a greater workforce, and additional individuals available to problem solve and innovate. Alternatively, this growth equates to depletion of viable resources, limited space, and access to nature, clean air, and drinking water.

Though it hasn’t always been the biggest priority, the U.S. is beginning to realize the importance and urgency of resource conservation and efficient land use. With initiatives that support air and water quality testing, the progress of renewable energy, and technological innovations regarding waste, wasted resources are being recognized for their true potential. Wasatch Resource Recovery’s project is a pioneer in both Utah and the nation – serving as an example of utilizing waste in ways that benefit surrounding populations and the environment.

In an era of tech, electronic gadgets, plastic, and convenience, it can be easy to forget about our natural counterparts – the resources we consume daily, fill our cars with, or use to power our homes. Even in 2018 it isn’t always easy to alter the way we think about waste, or the way society handles it. On this 4th of July, we hope you’ll join us in taking a moment to appreciate how far this country has come and attempt to make a difference by paying attention to your waste, how you can conserve resources, and notice ways in which you impact the environment.