Waste360 Recognizes WRR’s Morgan Bowerman for Excellent Work in Waste

As sustainability grows and large scale environmental projects become increasingly more common, it is imperative that motivated professionals drive the success of such innovations. At Wasatch Resource Recovery we are proud to host a talented group of engineers, builders, sustainability professionals, scientists, project managers, and more. Managing a $43 million project is no simple task, and without them, none of this would be possible.

In our previous post, Morgan Bowerman represented Wasatch Resource Recovery in the Governor’s 2018 Energy Summit Video. Morgan has championed environmentalism not only with us, but with other organizations in Utah and around the world. In the article above, she describes her experiences in sustainability, most notably: starting a recycling program in Uganda and how that expanded her outlook on environmental change.

Wasatch Resource Recovery aims to revolutionize the way Utah handles its waste by developing technology and infrastructure that allows communities to get involved. This project demonstrates the immense impact that the actions of every corporation, hotel, restaurant, grocery store, and individual has on the world around us. Without the positivity and tenacity of our employees and partners, we could not have come so far or engaged with so many different people. Morgan exemplifies WRR’s vision and our collective desire for change, highlighting the far-reaching impact of individual efforts. In light of her inspiring work, we are excited to acknowledge and congratulate her Waste360 40 Under 40 award.