Summer Food Waste Saving Tips!

Summer is one of the best times of the year. Warm weather and long days make for so many fun activities! Unfortunately, many of these outdoor events make for a lot of food waste. Check out some of these easy and helpful tips to reduce food waste this summer.

  • BBQ or cook out? Remind guests to bring a reusable container for leftovers! There is usually too much food for the host to eat after an event, so giving each guest a bit to take home reduces waste and makes for an easy lunch the next day.
  • Search for fun and creative recipes to use leftovers from a BBQ!
  • Buy and eat “funny” looking fruits and veggies! These are often overlooked in the store or farmers market and end up in the trash. They taste just as good as “regular” produce.
  • Take a risk and learn how to can or pickle! Too many cucumbers? Beets? Apples? Keep them fresh for longer by pickling or canning them.
  • Buy too much produce or it is getting old? Make homemade popsicles or smoothies! They are easy, refreshing, and a great treat.
  • Do some Spring cleaning. Clear out your pantry, fridge and cupboards and take note of ingredients that may have been hiding! Use things you already have in your house first when planning meals and grocery shopping. 
  • Don’t leave food out too long in warm temperatures – this accelerates bacteria growth and causes food to spoil much faster!
  • Check that your fridge and freezer are set to optimal temperatures, and don’t store easily spoiled foods on the door where the temperature fluctuates the most.
  • Cut up stale bread and bake it to make homemade croutons!
  • For a picnic, pack all the food in airtight reusable containers. Avoid storing leftovers in less than ideal packaging to keep them from spoiling quickly.   
  • Bring your food waste to the free public drop-off at Wasatch Resource Recovery or to the Animalia food waste bins for a small fee. 


Do you have any food saving tips to add? Share them on social media and tag #WRRsavethefood for a shoutout. Enjoy summer and keep organic waste out of the landfill!