Wasatch Resource Recovery is Utah’s first and only anaerobic digester dedicated to food waste diversion. The facility processes organic waste which includes food scraps, liquid waste and manufacturing food waste. The process will turn the organic matter into sustainable resources –– biogas and bio-based fertilizer. See how it works.

Your business or organization can divert packaged and/or unpackaged food waste, including prepared food, fruit, vegetables, meat, and dairy, as well as fats, oils & grease (F.O.G.) and other liquids. Due to the fact that Wasatch Resource Recovery is not a waste hauler, we will work directly with your current hauler, or hauler of your choice, to divert your organic wastes to the digester. Diverting your food waste from the landfill to Wasatch Resource Recovery can result in cost savings and long-term risk management, as well as significant environmental benefits.

We can process food waste from restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, caterers, breweries, food processing-manufacturing plants, cafeterias, hospitals, schools, universities, glass bottled / aluminum canned / plastic bottled beverage sellers or distributors, etc.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help with diverting your food and organic waste.

Wasatch Resource Recovery is operated under a public-private partnership between ALPRO Energy & Water and the South Davis Sewer District.