WRR Featured at 2018 Governor’s Energy Summit

“Utah’s wired for success, thanks to breakthrough energy technologies and partnership designed to transform our future.” Utah’s current governor Gary Herbert chimes in the video produced for the 2018 Governor’s Energy Summit. As Utah’s population, economy, and dependence on resources grow, alternative energy is becoming a hot topic that has begun to peak the interest of officials in a state predominately powered by fossil fuels.

Wasatch Resource Recovery has played a significant role in this wave of support for alternative and renewable energy sources – offering a solution that not only produces green energy but reduces waste at the same time. Landfills in Utah are reportedly “filling up fast;” seeing as many of them are not far from reaching their full capacity. WRR’s anaerobic digesters will divert organic waste from the landfill, subsequently freeing up space and buying more time, while simultaneously using the food waste to produce useful byproducts for local communities.

Renewable energy is an extremely interconnected aspect of sustainability that has the potential to address other environmental solutions such as waste reduction, resource conservation, and even sustainable architecture or agriculture. As the state strives to support a rapidly growing population, it is of the utmost importance that renewable energy and sustainable technology are incorporated into the infrastructure that sustains millions of Utahns.


Special thanks to the Governor and his Office of Energy for their continued support in our project and for featuring WRR at the 2018 Energy Summit.