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A Closer Look at our Anaerobic Digesters

Wasatch Resource Recovery’s sister tanks fall nothing short of impressive. Each anaerobic digester is built to hold 2.5 million gallons of food waste, with the combined capacity to accept 1000 tons of food waste per day. Once operational, the digesters will produce enough biogas to power 40,000 homes – a town equivalent to the size […]

One Year Later, Where Are We Now?

Since breaking ground last June, Wasatch Resource Recovery has grown tremendously. What used to be empty land is now a collection of buildings including a chemical & dewatering building, a depackaging facility, a boiler building, hydrolysis, pressate, digestate and F.O.G. tanks, and of course, two digester tanks! While the construction is rapidly developing, clients from […]

Anaerobic Digester Now Accepting Liquid Waste

The anaerobic digester project is moving forward!  In late August we began to introduce a few loads of liquid waste per week into the digesters. This was an exciting moment for us after a long development phase. We are currently accepting clean, liquid organic waste.  Examples of acceptable waste at this stage are brewery waste, DAF […]