Utah is soon to open its first renewable energy plant turning organic waste into power

NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah (KUTV) — A new facility by Wasatch Resource Recovery (WRR) is working to capture bad methane gases before they’re released into the atmosphere from organic waste we create and turn it into energy.

“We hear about our carbon footprint a lot, food waste is big on our methane footprint,” said Morgan Bowerman of WRR.

Methane is a greenhouse gas that is damaging to the air. About 20 percent more potent then CO2 – and it’s released by organic waste created by Utahns.

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New Utah facility will turn food waste into renewable energy

NORTH SALT LAKE — Throwing out food no longer means it has to go to waste thanks to a new facility in Utah that converts food waste to clean, renewable energy.

Utah’s first and only anaerobic food waste digester opened to the public Thursday for an open house highlighting how the center will turn food waste into renewable energy.

Wasatch Resource Recovery, a public-private partnership between ALPRO Energy & Water and the South Davis Sewer District, will take in about 700 tons of food waste daily. When it expands its operation in the near future, that number will double to about 1,400 tons.

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Food waste becomes energy at new plant in North Salt Lake

NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah — A new facility in North Salt Lake will soon transform thousands of tons of food waste into natural gas, providing clean energy while keeping methane from contributing to climate change.

Wasatch Resource Recovery is a public-private partnership between the South Davis Sewer District and ALPRO Energy and Water.

The plant, which begins operations next week, has contracts with grocery stores, government agencies, restaurants, manufacturers and other food-related businesses and agencies to take in excess food.

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Wasatch Resource Recovery open house set for Feb. 7

NORTH SALT LAKE — The Wasatch Resource Recovery facility, Utah’s first anaerobic digester dedicated to food waste diversion, is inviting the public to tour the facility during an open house on Thursday, Feb. 7, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Anaerobic digestion is a biological process where microbes break down biodegradable material without oxygen.

The facility, located at 1370 W. Center, will turn organic material — including food scraps, food manufacturing waste and expired food and beverages — into clean, renewable natural gas.

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Wasatch Resource Recovery’s Olsen Bowerman Finds Hope in Waste

Wasatch Resource Recovery will be the first food waste anaerobic digester in Utah. The project, based in North Salt Lake, expects to be fully operational in fall 2018, and Morgan Olsen Bowerman, sustainability and resource recovery manager at Wasatch Resource Recovery, can’t wait.

Olsen Bowerman oversees the sourcing of food waste from restaurants, grocery stores, food manufacturers, distribution centers and other companies to encourage them to partner with Wasatch Resource Recovery to divert their food waste from landfill. She feels excited to be part of this pioneering, statewide initiative.

She also does community outreach about how to manage food waste, and she is president of the Utah Recycling Alliance.

Olsen Bowerman, who is a 2018 Waste360 40 Under 40 award recipient, spoke to Waste360 about her passion for recycling, including the project she initiated and managed in Uganda and her work with Wasatch Resource Recovery.

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2018 Governor’s Energy Summit Opening Film

From Leftovers To Generators: New Uses For Organic Waste Coming To The Wasatch Front

Earth Day is right around the corner and if you are looking for ways to get involved or reduce your footprint, look no further than the fridge. According to the United Sates Department of Agriculture, up to 60 percent of food waste occurs in households and businesses. While composting is an option for some of that waste, there may be other uses for your stale doughnuts and banana peels.

“We like to say we can take the full plate. Sometimes compost facilities are really picky on what they can take, what can be composted. Often they’ll take fruit and veggies scraps, maybe some eggshells, some coffee grounds,” said Morgan Bowerman, resource recovery and sustainability manager for Wasatch Resource Recovery. “We on the other hand, can take all of the rest of the stuff. So we’ll do the fruit and veggie scraps, but we can also do the meat, the dairy and the oil.”

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Energy Insider: Wasatch Resource Recovery

Utah facility can turn food waste into enough natural gas to power a small city

North Salt Lake • State and local officials broke ground for Utah’s first food digester Thursday morning in a project aimed at reducing landfill waste and harnessing unused renewable energy.

The North Salt Lake facility, to be opened in late 2018, will deploy anaerobic digesters to grind and liquify food waste, then use water, heat and bacteria to convert it into methane gas to be used as natural gas and bio-solids to be converted into fertilizer.

The project, called Wasatch Resource Recovery, is a cooperative partnership between Salt Lake City-based ALPRO Energy & Water and the South Davis Sewer District and will enlist Utah businesses statewide to send their food waste to the facility.

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Food-Waste Energy Plant Will Double As A Compost-Maker, Cleanup Tool

A new facility is being built in North Salt Lake to turn food waste into energy. It’s the first of a kind in Utah.

Gov. Gary Herbert (R) helped kick off construction on Thursday.

The South Davis Sewer District has teamed up with a company called ALLPRO Energy & Water to build this energy facility that will also make compost.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says Americans waste about 40 percent of their food.

“We’re able to capture that food waste and make something beneficial out of it,” says Morgan Bowerman, who’s working on the Wasatch Resource Recovery plant now being built.

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