From Leftovers To Generators: New Uses For Organic Waste Coming To The Wasatch Front

Earth Day is right around the corner and if you are looking for ways to get involved or reduce your footprint, look no further than the fridge. According to the United Sates Department of Agriculture, up to 60 percent of food waste occurs in households and businesses. While composting is an option for some of that waste, there may be other uses for your stale doughnuts and banana peels.

“We like to say we can take the full plate. Sometimes compost facilities are really picky on what they can take, what can be composted. Often they’ll take fruit and veggies scraps, maybe some eggshells, some coffee grounds,” said Morgan Bowerman, resource recovery and sustainability manager for Wasatch Resource Recovery. “We on the other hand, can take all of the rest of the stuff. So we’ll do the fruit and veggie scraps, but we can also do the meat, the dairy and the oil.”

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