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Introducing the Receiving Building

The WRR can accept a total of nearly 260,000 gallons of liquified organic waste and 330 tons of solid food waste every day! The building is designedaround collecting, processing, and preparing the organic waste quickly and efficiently.  The receiving building is kept at a negative pressure through a foul air system. This contains any potential for bad smells from […]

What Waste Does WRR Accept?

How are we going to fill our five million gallons (and in phase two, ten million gallons) of anaerobic tank space? With organic waste from food manufacturers, restaurants, and other companies. We can accept the “full plate” of food waste as well as some other organic waste.  This means grains, breads, and baked goods, vegetable […]

Soil Health & WRR

Anaerobic Digesters like those at Wasatch Resource Recovery are powerful solutions to a variety of issues in our modern life. Soil health is one of those issues. Much of the top soil in our world has eroded, degraded, and lost productivity. Not only are these soils important for sustaining our food systems but soil is […]

Food Recovery Hierarchy

In 2015, The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made a goal to reduce food waste by 50% by the year 2030. This goal was recently reaffirmed by the current administration. Currently, 40% of the food supply is estimated to be wasted. The EPA Food Recovery Hierarchy, an inverted pyramid, sets priorities on how best […]

Postponed | Open House

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are sorry to say we will not be able to host an open house this month. We are looking for an early 2019 open house. — It is almost time to take a first peek at the Wasatch Resource Recovery. Visit us on Tuesday, October 16th to learn more about the […]

Guide to WRR Anaerobic Digester Process

While there are many moving pieces of Wasatch Resource Recovery, it is a relatively straightforward system that allows natural processes to happen more efficiently. In addition to reducing landfill use and capturing harmful greenhouse gasses and utilizing it to warm our homes. Read on for a step-by-step guide to how the Anaerobic Digester at Wasatch […]

What Does Anaerobic Digestion Really Mean?

Anaerobic Digestion is a miraculous process that occurs within all humans and animals. Anaerobic is a word used to describe an environment without oxygen, and digestion is a process in which organic material is broken down into simpler organic products. The giant tanks at WRR’s project site are sealed to prevent any seepage of oxygen […]

Time-Lapse Demonstrates Growth in the Last Year

The time-lapse above demonstrates just how much has taken place on Wasatch Resource Recovery’s project site in the last 12 months. This rapid progress has us excited for the fully operational facility that is mere months away. You can help us complete the picture by sending your food waste to our shiny new digesters.  

Strategic Partner Alder Construction Recognized by WCF

Wasatch Resource Recovery has a lot of moving parts, partnering organizations, and employees that have delivered the project at its current stage in development. Alder Construction is one of WRR’s main driving forces: building the complex facilities required to implement anaerobic digestion technology on such a large scale. To ensure the success of the project, […]

Pioneer Day – Remembering Utah’s History

On July 24th, 1847 Utah pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley and famously stated “This is the place.” In an era of hardship and scarcity, these pioneers engrained aspects of sustainability into their culture out of necessity. Brigham Young, a leader of the first Mormon settlers to arrive in Salt Lake once said “Learn […]