Soil Health & WRR

Anaerobic Digesters like those at Wasatch Resource Recovery are powerful solutions to a variety of issues in our modern life. Soil health is one of those issues. Much of the top soil in our world has eroded, degraded, and lost productivity. Not only are these soils important for sustaining our food systems but soil is the earth’s greatest carbon sequestering and storage tool. Healthy soil can also help collect nutrients from our water systems to prevent harmful issues such as algae blooms.

By diverting organic waste from landfills and digesting it instead, we are connecting the loop in the nutrient cycle. Digestate, the finished solid product of anaerobic digestion, is highly nutrient dense, and can be  used as an effective natural fertilizer. When added to agricultural soils, it helps maintain a healthy soil ecosystem, water retention, lessen erosion, and lead to more productive and healthy crops.

As agricultural technologies advance to meet the needs of the worlds growing population, innovations like anaerobic digestion are taking challenges and finding holistic solutions to the pressures facing the world today.