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Case Study – Oatly: Local Solutions

Oatly started sending food waste to Wasatch Resource Recovery in February of 2021, as they began production at their new facility in Ogden. Oatly aims to “drive a societal shift towards a plant-based food system for the benefit of people and the planet, and away from a food system that recklessly taxes the environment.” They […]

Food Waste Recycling In Salt Lake City

OCTOBER 22, 2021 | Nora Goldstein The Wasatch Resource Recovery digester is collaborating on a residential food waste pilot with Momentum Recycling. Starting November 5, Momentum Recycling will begin collecting residential food waste weekly from up to 100 households in the Liberty Wells neighborhood in Salt Lake City, Utah. “It is a free 3-month pilot […]

A Utah company wants to turn your food scraps into energy and fertilizer

By Shelley K. Mesch | Sep. 3, 2021 Wasatch Resource Recovery wants a lot more garbage. Specifically, the food you plan to throw in the trash. They will take your rotten vegetables, dinner remnants, even chicken bones. Operating since early 2019, Wasatch Resource Recovery (WRR) runs two anaerobic digesters — like giant mechanical stomachs — […]

5 places Utah gardeners can share their extra fruits and vegetables

By Caroleine James | July 21, 2021, 6:45 a.m. Many Utah gardeners have already started enjoying apricots, tomatoes, zucchini and peppers they’ve grown in a backyard plot. But what will they do in a few weeks, when the harvest fills the kitchen counter and exceeds what they can put in their refrigerator — or stomach? […]

Tips to Reduce Food Waste When Traveling

Traveling is a great way to see new places, visit family and friends, and experience new things! However, when you are out of your routine it can be difficult to plan, and you may often end up wasting food. Here are some easy tips to reduce food waste on your next adventure, whether it be […]

Private recyclers prodding Ogden businesses to recycle glass, food scraps

OGDEN — Recycling isn’t just about setting aside the empty aluminum cans and cardboard generated in your home. Restaurants can do their part, and a pair of private recyclers are reaching out, hoping to get Ogden-area entrepreneurs to keep the empty bottles and food scraps they generate out of the landfill. Reps from Momentum Recycling, a […]

Summer Food Waste Saving Tips!

Summer is one of the best times of the year. Warm weather and long days make for so many fun activities! Unfortunately, many of these outdoor events make for a lot of food waste. Check out some of these easy and helpful tips to reduce food waste this summer. BBQ or cook out? Remind guests […]

Convert your food waste into renewable energy

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Food waste is a common part of our everyday lives. “It’s fairly immoral to waste this much food,” sustainability manager Morgan Bowerman said. “Because we waste all this food while one in six adults in the U.S. are food insecure.” Morgan Bowerman is the sustainability manager at Wasatch Resource Recovery, a […]

Here’s where your rotten kitchen scraps are turned into natural gas and fertilizer

Utah’s 2-year-old digester is accepting residential food waste such as spoiled produce, meat, bread and dairy products. Got sour milk? Rotten lettuce? Moldy bread? Don’t throw them in the trash. That icky, spoiled foodstuff can now go to Utah’s giant food digester, where it will be turned into renewable natural gas and nutrient-rich soil. Wasatch Resource […]

Case Study – Misfits Market: a comprehensive approach to food waste

When the Misfits Market founders learned that 30-40% of food in the United States is wasted and ends up in our landfills, they decided there had to be a better solution – Misfits Market was born! Misfits sources produce from farms and grocery stores that is considered “ugly” (meaning it is misshapen, too large, too […]