We’ve Been Busy!

Semi truck full of expired/off-spec dog food incoming to feed the digester.

So far this year (2020) we have received over 87,000 TONS of food waste! In large part, this is thanks to our amazing, planet-saving customers that consistently send us their waste product. We wanted to take a minute and highlight just a few materials that regularly come our way.

There is a dog food manufacturer based in Ogden that brings us a variety of waste streams from their production; material like this is calorically dense and our digesters eat it up (literally!). A dairy out of Cache Valley brings us cheese waste and expired packaged yogurt – fermented dairy is packed full of probiotics and natural enzymes that provide ample energy for the digesters, as well as being good for its “guts”. Multiple new distilleries and breweries have hopped on board as well – they bring us liquid stillage and brew waste as well as packaged waste (like expired keg and canned or bottled beer). Sugary material like alcohol is another fuel powerhouse!

If you are a business or know of a business that would like to join the ranks of these great diverters, please reach out.