Anaerobic Digester Now Accepting Liquid Waste


The anaerobic digester project is moving forward!  In late August we began to introduce a few loads of liquid waste per week into the digesters. This was an exciting moment for us after a long development phase. We are currently accepting clean, liquid organic waste.  Examples of acceptable waste at this stage are brewery waste, DAF waste, and other types of food manufacturing byproducts or residuals.  These are metered into the digesters and used to create biogas and nutrient-rich biosolids.  Contact us today to find out how and when you can divert your liquid waste.

For other types of organic waste, (FOG, solid, packaged, etc.,) we are on track to finalize our project financing before the year’s end, which means we will be able to break ground on the new digesters in January of 2017.  We anticipate construction taking us into the fall of next year and being fully operational in late 2017.   Check back often to see how the project progresses.

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  1. David Tola
    David Tola says:

    I am a small business owner that would like to offer SLC residents food waste composting. When are will your digesters be ready to accept waste and what will be the fees for it?


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